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Here's an array of other things you might remember

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Helms Bakery Truck

Good Humor Ice Cream Truck

The Fuller Brush Man

Home Milk Delivery

The Avon Lady

Brownie Camera

45 Records & Players

45 RPM Spindles

Modern Stereo Equipment

Record Albums

Reel to Reel Tape Deck

8 Track Tapes

Transistor Radios

Self Service Tube Tester

Table Top Jukebox

93 KHJ

94.7 KMET

Bean Bag Chairs

Black Lights

Black Light Posters

Lava Lamps


Beatle Boots


Coke Machines With Bottles

Alka Seltzer Mr. Speedy


Burma Shave Signs

Hai Karate

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee

Blue Chip Stamps

S & H Green Stamps

Disneyland Coupons

Constellation Vacuums

Pinball Machines

Black Rotary Phones

Princess Phones

Schwinn Stingrays

Aluminum Christmas Tree

Ice Cube Tray

Crazy Foam

Silly Soap

Mr Bubble

Soaky Bubble Bath


Full Service Gas Stations

Cheap Gas

Flying A Stations

Phillips 66 Stations

Gulf Gas Stations

Standard Stations

VW Bug

1955 Chevy Belair

1955 Ford Fairlane

1959 Chevy Impala

Do you have any other other stuff you remember? 
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