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Here are just a few of the local places we all went to that are no longer around.

Click on any photo to enlarge.    After viewing each picture just click the back button to return to the photo gallery.

Alondra Park Island

Alpine Village

Thrifty Drug Store

White Front


Rosebud Dairy

Rosebud Dairy

Inglewood Farms Dairy

Muntz Stereo

J. J. Newberry

Del Amo Center

The Broadway at Del Amo Center

Oil Pump in Front of Sears

Old Towne Mall

South Bay Bowling Center

May Company

Redondo Beach Cinema

Disneyland 1958

Marineland of the Pacific

Nu Pike in Long Beach

Nu Pike

Nu Pike

Nu Pike

Pacific Ocean Park

Pacific Ocean Park

Pacific Ocean Park

Fox Theatre Redondo Beach

Torrance Drive-In Screen

Torrance Drive-In Marquee

Torrance Drive-In 1957

Roadium Drive-In Theater

Roadium Drive-In Theater


Vermont Drive-In Theater

Pussycat Theatre

Harbor Freeway

S. S. Catalina

Do you have any places you remember? 
Send your suggestions and phtos to... reunion@northhigh73.com

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