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How have we changed?

Take a look at the personal photo galleries of your classmates.  You might see pictures from before high school, during high school and after high school.  See different moments of their lives.  You'll even see pictures of other classmates! 

          Vicki (Cottrell) Hampton  Jeanette (Frazier) Ross           Mike Gaggos                 Earl Hon                
              Casey Jaworski            Flori (Kerr) Parham            Kim Kingswold               Jeff Tanner      
      Norma (Molina) Mooney           Richard Nienow                Mike Parham       Judy (Rebollo) Okimura             
            Richard Romero            Donna (Sato) Reyes                  Ina Sala                  Keith Shiozaki 
     Joanne (Simpson) Green     Beverly (Smith) Stanzione          Jim Trosper            Jan (Urbach) Kapp
                                                               Your Photo Gallery  
Do you have any pictures from childhood?   We're looking for them.
  Please send any pictures to Info@NorthHigh73.com
We'll then upload them to our webpage!

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