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Here are random high school pictures sent in by your classmates.  Do you remember any of these people?  Do you care?  If you have any photos from high school please send them to us!
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Front-Laurel Fischer, Center-Cheryl Micucci, Maria Cesca, Pala Shelbourn, Debbie Gee, Brenda Hilburn, Back-Vicki Boyles

Left-Mary Ann Reynders, Jann Stepp, Mary Fleer, Joyce Carver

Jann Stepp & Estella Mata wearing "Van Ness Nursery School" Shirts

Jann Stepp, Mr. Hicks & Jeanette Frazier

Mary Fleer, Roberta Brown & Joyce Carver. Front - Susan Green

Ben Serns, Larry Posner, Mike Gaggos,Mike Setting & Mike Parham

1971 Simulated Earthquake North High Drama Class

1972- 05 Armed Forces Parade 3rd from left Norma Molina & Jeanette (Frazier) Ross

1971-1972 North High Saxonettes

Bert Schekler, Larry Posner & Rick Oyler Fishin'

Keith Shiozki playing in the sand while backpacking

Paul Wood Graduation Day

Judy Rebollo & Derek Okimura at Sadie Hawkins Dance

1972 Judy Rebollo night of the Prom

1973 - Earl Hon & Laurie Benedict

1973 - Joe Gurski & Cora Hooglan

1973 Prom - Earl Hon, Laurie Benedict, Charlie and Georgia Lamb

Bob "Pancho" Motz

Paul Deshler ('72) & Melody White, Frank Hunter ('71) & Debbie Gordon,Vicki Cottrell & Pat Still ('71)

Paul Wood Graduation Day

Melody White, Debbie Gordan & Vicki Cottrell

Richard Blake & Norma Molina

Bleachers after TP night

TP-ed Quad - June 11, 1973

Bob says "Hi!"

2008 North High graduates "yarn" the school

Weak imitation of TP-ing the school

Is this the best they can do?

Oh those crazy kids!

Do you have any pictures from high school?  We're looking for them.
  Please send any pictures to reunion@northhigh73.com

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