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Where Were You on September 20,  2008?
North High Class of '73 Thirty-Five Year Reunion
Held at the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant, Redondo Beach

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North Torrance High School

Class of 1973 - 35 Year Reunion


A Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of you who attended our 35 year reunion. A special appreciation and thanks goes out to all of the teachers who attended. We sincerely hope you enjoyed yourselves as you are part of a very special class.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we definitely missed not having you join us and look forward to you coming to the 40 year reunion in 2013! We want to thank all who completed their Bio Questionnaires for this 35
Year Reunion Biographical Memory Book. We sincerely hope you enjoy your book and you will use the contact information to stay in touch.
Please keep us updated by emailing any contact information changes to Info@NorthHigh73.com

May all of your future endeavors be successful and your dreams and wishes come true. Without YOU this reunion would not have been possible!
Your Reunion Committee Thanks You,
Carla (Best) Bauer, Lynn (Debi Brammer) Van Zandt, Mike Gaggos, Earl Hon, Flori (Kerr) Parham, Kim Kingswold, Norma (Molina) Mooney, Judy (Rebollo) Okimura, Susan (Riehman) Bald, Donna (Sato) Reyes, Joanne (Simpson) Green, Beverly (Smith) Stanzione, Jeff Tanner,  Jim Trosper, Teresa (Villalobos) Archuleta,  Deb Walker... And the many others who helped us find everyone!

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