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Where Were You on August 30,  2003?
North High Class of '73 Thirty Year Reunion
Held at the Marriott Hotel, Manhattan Beach
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North Torrance High School

Class of 1973—30 Year Reunion

Dear Fellow Classmates:

August 30, 2003 brings together our classmates from across the country to rekindle acquaintances and friendships we experienced before and during our years at North High.

During the planning stages of our Reunion much attention was paid to location, timing, quality of venue, locating/contacting classmates, and the different events to make this occasion as special and memorable as possible. However, nothing can or will compare to what each of you bring to this evening.

Your smiles, your laughter, your energy, your connection with old friends is what this is all about. We will discover how our lives have taken various and perhaps different paths. Although we realize time has changed us outwardly, the kinship and feelings we share remain the same, and in some cases further enriched.

For those of you who were unable to attend we definitely missed not having you join us for this reunion, and look forward to your joining us at the next one!

Thank you to all those who completed their “Bio’s” for the 30 Year Reunion Biography Memory Book. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your book and that you use the contact information in your book to stay in touch.


Your 30 Yr. Reunion Committee - Flori Kerr Parham, Michael Parham, Dawn Penque Simpson, Mike Gaggos, Jerry Lenander, Marion Kuhn, Patty Toy Meschuk

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