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Where Were You on July 17, 1993?
North High Class of '73 Twenty Year Reunion
Held at the Sheraton Hotel in Long Beach


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Kathleen Adams - Connie Christiansen

David Clayton - Linda Greteman

Blanch Finney - Lynne Lambert

Henry Lawson - Dawn Penque

Glenda Perry - Michael Terheggen

Ron Therrio - Steve Zahn

Are we having fun yet?

A great time was had by all...

Happy trails to you until we meet again!

Picnic at Charles Wilson Park July 18, 1993

In Memory of...

Brought to you by...

Rene & Steve Blinder, Jeff Takeyama & Jeff Tanner

Jeff Windhorst, Steve Blinder & Jeff Tanner

Dave Ireland, Margie (Whipple) Koreski, Gary Burtle, Joanne (Simpson) Green, Debbie (Gee) Thuve & Jeff Tanner

Casimir Classmates

Linda Heisen & Joe

Jeff Tanner, Larry Posner & Donna (Sato) Reyes

Keith Shiozaki, Glenna & Jeff Tanner


Class of 1973

Twenty Year Reunion

 Dear Classmates,

        The evening of July 17, 1993 was a night for renewing friendships and reminiscing about the great times we shared during our high school years.

       High school is one of the most memorable experiences in one’s life. Man)) close friendships and fond memories are born out of high school and we have considered it a privilege to help our fellow classmates renew those memories.

       Now that we are reacquainted - don’t lose track of those friends. Use the directory in the back of this book to keep in touch and we’ll do it again in five years!

      Only the addresses of classmates who attended the reunion or purchased a memory book are listed in the directory. For information on other classmates or to update an address, please contact Maria Cesca or The Reunion Committee, Inc.

      We would like to thank all of you who attended our 20 year reunion. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed yourselves as you are part of a very special class. May all of your future endeavors be successful and ma)) ‘your dreams and wishes come true.

                                                                                                                With warm regards,

                                                                                                                Your Reunion Committee

                                                                                                                 Muriel (Arguello) Blackwood

                                         Marian (Worthington) Brooks

                                         Randy Brooks

                                         Maria Cesca

                                         Debbie (Gee) Thuve

                                         Joanne (Simpson) Green

                                         Don Thompson

                                         Glenda Perry

                                         Teresa (Villalobos) Archuleta


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