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When was the last time you looked at your senior annual...  last week?   Well you need to get a life.   Most of us probably haven't seen our senior annual in years... if we even know where it is.  That's why we've put these pages here for your viewing pleasure.   Enjoy!
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1973 Class Officers

Randi Abrams to Mike Anderson

Stephanie Andry to Mark Bauer

Daniel Beach to Darlene Bloom

Deborah Boge to Deborah Brown

Gary Brown to Elaine Cabrijas

Brad Caldwell to Dwayne Chisam

Cinda Chowning to Mark Cramer

Leslie Crawford to Vicki DeChamplain

Michele DeFelice to David Ellings

Daniel Elwood to Richard Finney

Candy Fisher to Linda Fraser

Nancy Fraser to Tricia Gagne

Hugo Garcia to Debra Gordon

Cynthia Gott to Don Harrison

Terry Hassler to Barbara Hertwig

Donna Hicks to Rebecca Huerta

Laurie Huggard to George Jax

Nick John to Anne Katata

Bobbie Kaylor to Bryn Kingston

Kim Kingswold to Les Kunisaki

Jeffrey Lajkowicz to Shirley Little

Robyn Liu to Debbie MacDonald

Debbie MacEachern to Domenick Matrone

Victor Matsunaga to Marilyn Midstokke

Mel Mitchell to Jeanette Morris

DeeAnn Morrison to Duane Nambu

Rex Nambu to Tom Olson

Gary Owen to Dawn Penque

Glenda Perry to Michael Powell

Margaret Proctor to Susan Riehman

Tim Riker to Bruce Root

Sabrina Rose to Mike Setting

Danny Sheaman to Joan Shelton

Peggy Shiga to John Slack

Michele Spaulding to Wendell Tait

Dawn Takajo to Mike Teter

Donald Thomas to Mike Tomich

Louie Tomita to Cindy Trumble

Charmi Tsutsui to Jo Ann Ventura

Rachel Verduzco to Norman Watsek

Katherine Webb to Barbara Wolff

Janice Wood to Kathy Zouras

Leonard Lifton

Assistant Principals





Social Studies

Social Studies

Team Teaching Teachers

The Building Blocks for All Subjects



Foreign Language

Foreign Language




More Science!

Career Education

Special Education



Girls P.E.

Boys P.E.

Fine Arts


Staff Workers

Maintenance and Cafeteria Staff

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

The Many Faces of the Faculty

More Faculty Faces

Rita Heinlein, Debbie Vaca, Michele Quiroz & Joanne Simpson

Senior Class Play

Commencement Randi Abrams to Terry Hassler

Commencement David Hasson to Larry Posner

Commencement Joan Poteet to Kathleen Zouras

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