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The day after graduating from 8th grade we all trudged over to North High
to get our Freshman pictures taken.  Did you know that was Friday the 13th?
 We went from being at the top of the heap to the bottom of the barrel in only one day!
By the way, check out the great piles of hair the girls had!   Enjoy!
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1970 Freshman Officers

Vincent Abe - Vici Boyles

Steven Bradley - Robert Cook

Fred Cooper - Craig Frady

Robert Francis - Veronica Henkel

Doris Hensel - Craig Kohler

Karen Kojima - Gloria Macias

Marcie Madick - Douglas Noel

Janice Nord - Eddie Rinnert

Jeff Risica - Irene Stellman

Gary Stephens - Jolie Umekubo

Steve Upshaw - Kathy Zouras

Do you have any pictures from high school?   We're looking for them.
  Please send any pictures to reunion@northhigh73.com
We'll then upload them to our webpage!

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